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Parfum de Valise ®

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100% natural purifying and caring travel perfume.  

CAPSULE DE PLUME lowers its PARFUM DE VALISE® price to celebrates the 4th anniversary of PLUME VOYAGE MAGAZINE!

Created by DUO by SEVE for Capsule de Plume.

It purifies, cleans, beautifies and dresses your suitcase, during a trip, returning from a trip, during a quick stop or simply at home.
Anti-moth, antibacterial, and cleansing, it can travel but can also be used at home in cabinets.
For the first time, a natural fragrance for the suitcase with purifying properties thanks to its multiple different essential oils. Aesthetic and useful, the Parfum de Valise® has taken on the dimension of an object, of a design idea.
The Parfum de Valise® has been created by DUO by SEVE with Pascale Gail-Athis, a specialist in psychobiology, choreographer, and designer, Meyling Ho, a specialist in traditional Chinese medicine, an ‘energy’ expert, and Alexandra Monéger, a Nose, and a creator whose signature perfumes have attracted brands such as Balmain, Chopard, Guerlain, Tartine et Chocolat. The three of them are expert in Feng Shui.1,77 fl.oz.Made in France.
-Rosewood: anti-moth, anti-bacterial, anti-parasitic.
-Laurel: anti-infective, anti-bacterial.
-Eucalyptus radiata: known for its ability to purify air and so preventing respiratory infections, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, energizing, virucidal, disinfectant.
-White sandalwood: antiseptic, balancing.
-Sage: the sacred plant with wonderful purifying properties.
-Bergamot: to relax the nerves.
After each trip, spray the inside of your bag to freshen it up. Spritz a few centimetres away to avoid staining clothing.
Non-irritating for skin. 
Comes with a customized pouch for special orders (with a minimum order).